Digital solution for your organization!

The is the mobile app that supports your organization in digitizing passes and improving communication to your members. With the, everyone has their own digital pass on hand.

Manage your digital pass

With our web portal you easily manage all digital passes, here you can easily add, change and delete digital passes. In addition, it is possible to invite guests with a temporary digital pass.

Scan your digital pass

With our, it is possible to scan digital passes for validity, check in digital passes and check out digital passes for events or activities. The dashboard gives you a clear overview of how often and when scanning has been done.

Share your news items

With an RSS feed, we easily retrieve your news items from the website, and share them in the Digipas app. This will improve your communication with your members and increase your reach and findability. Handy right?

Improve your communication
Environmentally conscious
Save time and costs
Don’t lose a pass

Link Your Social Media

Refer to your online Social Media channels directly from the This allows members to easily navigate to the desired online channel. Consider the website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Send push notifications

By sending push notifications to your members, you create greater reach and members are better informed regarding developments around the organization. You easily send the push notifications from the web portal.

Own house style

The and web portal will be completely designed based on your own corporate identity. Here you can easily select your own organization’s colors and upload a logo.


Improve your communication

By sharing news items and sending push notifications, you improve communication with your members.

Environmentally conscious

A digital pass is a sustainable alternative to a physical plastic pass. This way you also do your bit for the environment!

Save time and costs

No more unnecessary handling when creating and sending passes. Save costs immediately with the digital pass.

Don’t lose a pass

You don’t lose a digital pass! Lost your phone? Then simply send a new activation email from the web portal.

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