Digital membership card for your association

Every year every soccer club is busy with it: making sure all members receive their membership cards. Yet this presents problems every season.

We developed the to save your soccer club time and costs. With this development, you automatically contribute to a better environment. Meet the now!

Why a digital membership card for your association?

A digital membership card offers tremendous benefits to both the association itself and its members. For example, the association can save a lot of time and expense, and members get more back for their dues contributions.
The digital membership card will display the following:

  • Name
  • Member number
  • QR-code
  • Type
  • Date

Web portal

With the, the board has access to a web portal where they can easily add, delete and manage all membership cards online. In addition, it provides at a glance a real-time dashboard showing all member passes checked in or out. With this, we offer an online environment where your association’s board can easily and quickly connect.


With our Digipas, you can easily check digital membership cards for validity. Each digital membership card has its own unique QR code, which changes every 10 seconds. A moving animation has also been added in the membership card, so you can easily see the difference between the membership card and a screenshot.

In the real-time dashboard, you can see an overview of all the actions that have been and are being performed. This allows you to quickly and easily map how many people attended a first team match.

News Releases

Improve relationships with your members, sponsors and volunteers.
Because the offers the ability to share news items from the website in the app, you’re going to see your target audience become more informed. In addition, you have the ability to engage your sponsors, members or volunteers by navigating them to your social media channels.

Finally, you have the ability to send members a push notification, with this they will see a pop-up on their cell phone with the information you have sent as an association. For example, think about a barbecue you want to host, and that you can notify members of sign-up options.

The digital membership card you use for:

Members and sponsors

Use the digital membership card to give sponsors access to the business club, for example. Or give discounts to members when purchasing products from sponsors after showing the digital membership card.

Supporters and season ticket holders

A digital membership card for supporters and season ticket holders eliminates the need for plastic season tickets or paper tickets, which are frequently lost.

Volunteers and donors

To give something back to volunteers or donors, you could also give them the digital membership card. This also allows them access to various activities and keeps them informed.

Opponent or guest

The opposing board or a visiting guest? Prior to an event or contest, send an activation email where other board members can easily download a temporary pass.

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