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As a business club owner or director, it is important to keep looking for ways to improve and grow. One tool that can help with this is the Here we explain exactly what the entails and how it can help grow and improve your business club.

What is the

The is a tool that allows you to securely and easily create digital passes for all sponsors or business club members. With the help of this business app, sponsors have access to events, can take advantage of discounts at partners of your business club and, for example, gain access to a soccer match on presentation of the Digipas.

Did you know… the is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

When you organize activities for members, you want them to be well informed. In our you can add easy registration forms, and notify sponsors of activities by sending push notifications.

This way, everyone gets a notification on their cell phone and can register immediately! Legitimation required? IInside the app is a digital staff pass with personal contact information that the member can display or have scanned via our How easy do you want it to be?

Improve your communication
Environmentally conscious
Always on hand
Don’t lose a pass

Benefit 1: Provide added value for sponsors

As a sponsor, you obviously want as much value as possible from your sponsorship fetch. You don’t just want to be visible, you want to make a real impact. A tool such as can play an important role here. By collaborating with other partners on the platform, sponsors can offer exclusive offers and discounts to other business club members.

This allows all business club members to get more value for money, which in turn benefits sponsors in the form of loyalty and positive feedback.

Benefit 2: Easy and secure membership management

With the corresponding portal you can easily create digital passes for all sponsors. This means you no longer have to print and mail physical passes.

You can send the digital passes directly to your members’ cell phones. This makes membership management not only easier, but also more secure.

No need to worry about lost or stolen passes, and you can easily revoke access to the digital passes if a sponsor cancels his or her membership.

Benefit 3: Better communication with sponsors

The allows you to easily communicate with all sponsors. For example, you can push messages and send news releases to notify them of events, news and other important information. In addition, the app also allows you to conduct surveys and polls to gather feedback from sponsors to make better decisions for the business club.

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