With our, you can easily check digital passes for validity. Each digital pass has its own unique QR code that changes every 10 seconds. The digital pass includes a moving animation to avoid the use of screenshots. Simply put, even more simply done.

How does the work?

The allows you to easily scan digital membership cards for validity. Here you can see at a glance if they are active members, and you can control access if necessar In addition, you can check in and check out members at events or locations such as the cafeteria, business home and more.

The web portal is the central point of the and the, here you import your member list based on a CSV or Excel file. Just like that. Based on active digital membership cards, the provides the results you are looking for.

Why the

We can imagine that certain events or spaces do not need to be accessible to everyone. With the, you can very simply control access and scan the passes of all applicants. This gives you complete control over your event, and afterwards you even know who all attended.

Improve your communication
Environmentally conscious
Save time and costs
Always on hand

What is the for?

  • Checking Access Card
  • Identification
  • Granting access
  • Analyze scan activity
  • Offer discounts


Looking for an easy way to check passes?

The makes managing and checking digital membership cards a breeze. As you have read, the can be used in a variety of ways. Are you now curious about how we can set up the app for your association? If so, please contact us.


Improve your communication

By sharing news items and sending push notifications, you improve communication with your members.

Environmentally conscious

A digital pass is a sustainable alternative to a physical plastic pass. This way you also do your bit for the environment!

Save time and costs

No more unnecessary handling when creating and sending passes. Save costs immediately with the digital pass.

Don’t lose a pass

You don’t lose a digital pass! Lost your phone? Then simply send a new activation email from the web portal.

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