Digital passes for industry associations

Joining forces through industry associations makes you stronger as a company and regularly creates successful collaborations between them.

Using Digipas, you create an environment for all trade association members where you communicate with your members in an approachable way through push notifications.

Calendar and news in the

It is important for members of a trade association to be well informed about news items and agenda items. With the you easily link all news items from the website into the app, this way the member always has the news items of your trade association at hand in the Did you know that these posts are automatically retrieved from the website via an RSS feed?

Communicating and registering about activities

When you organize activities for members, you want members to be well informed. In our, you can add simple registration forms, and notify members of activities by sending push notifications.

This way, everyone gets a notification on their cell phone and can register immediately! Legitimation required? IInside the app is a digital staff pass with personal contact information that the member can display or have scanned via our How easy do you want it to be?

Improve your communication
Environmentally conscious
Always on hand
Don’t lose a pass

Safety first

One of the main advantages of is the ability to perform member verification in real time.

A digital pass can increase security because it is more difficult to forge or copy than a physical pass. This can help prevent fraud and theft because it is much more difficult for an attacker to gain access to the digital pass without proper authority and authentication.

This ensures that your organization always has the most up-to-date information about each member’s status and you can be sure that only authorized members have access to secure information.

New members industry association

Providing staff badges with new enrollees can take quite a bit of time, think about processing the enrollment in your CRM system or membership records. Next, you need to create and submit a staff pass.

In our web portal, you can create a digital staff pass with a few clicks, and send an activation email immediately. New staff badges can be created either individually or in bulk via an import file. This works super fast, and saves you a lot of time.

In addition, members cannot lose their digital staff pass. Do they lose their cell phones? Then in no time send a new activation e-mail.

In short is a powerful tool for industry associations looking for a safe and easy way to authenticate members and enable secure communication. With real-time verification, customizability, usability and security, provides everything your organization needs to be successful in the digital world.

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