Digital membership card for supporters

The is the mobile app that supports your supporters association in digitizing membership cards and improving communication towards your members. With the, each member has their own digital membership card on hand and receives news releases quickly and easily.


Digital membership card for your supporter association

As a director of a supporters association in the Netherlands or Belgium, you want to ensure that your members experience various benefits from membership in your supporters association.

For a member, it starts with a personal membership card. With this lsupporter association membership card, the member supports various activities and atmospheric promotions supported by the supporter association and receives various benefits and discounts by showing their membership card.


Access control supporter home

In most cases, the supporters’ home is accessible only to members of your supporters’ association. Upon presentation of a digital membership card you can distinguish between members and non-members.

Checking is done with our,which allows you to check digital member passes for validity or quickly digital passes check in and check out. In addition, the web portal allows you to view or look back in real time at how many people have visited your supporters’ home.

Upon presentation of a digital membership card you can also get discounts on supporter items in the fan shops and discounts on tickets for bus combis at away games. Cool huh?

‘The system is very simple and accessible to everyone. This makes sending out our membership card a breeze, and our communication with our members has greatly improved.

Vriendenkring FC Twente ’65

Communication to your members

Our retrieves news items from your website via an RSS feed, we automatically display the news items you post in the app. In this way, members will have all news items at hand, and will be better informed of developments around the supporter association.

Should you have an ALV (general membership meeting) next period, and want to inform members about it? Then quickly send a push notification to your members. They then receive a notification on their phone and can easily sign up for this through this notification. Push notifications can be used in any form of communication, for example informing about away games, results of ALV, but also beautiful events or milestones.

Improve your communication
Environmentally conscious
Always on hand
Don’t lose a pass

Everything from 1 system

You know the drill, that huge job every year of sending out all the membership cards to your members on time. This is a time-consuming job that needs to be done every year. But this can be done much more efficiently, and allows you to save a lot of time.

In our web portal you import all members once, then you can select these members and send an activation email to get the digital membership card activate. Now you don’t have to fold envelopes and stick stamps yourself.

But the following year? Members already have the, this allows us to easily re-activate digital membership cards and import new members who signed up during the summer period.

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