Communicate quickly and intelligently with your members by using modern communication tools such as an app, push notifications and social media. Good communication is the key to satisfied and engaged members.

What are push notifications and what benefits do they bring?

Push notifications are short messages that appear on your screen when your phone is locked or when you use an app. They are a powerful communication tool for associations and businesses and offer several benefits to users. Below we discuss some of the key benefits of push notifications.

  1. Easy to use: Push notifications are very easy to use and require no additional steps or major changes to the app..
  2. Direct engagement: Push notifications ensure that all members who hold a digital pass are immediately notified of new updates, offers or other important information such as the announcement of a general membership meeting (AGM) or match results.
  3. Direct communication: Push notifications provide the ability to communicate directly with members via a Web portal about new member recruitment campaigns or other activities within an association.
  4. Direct communication: Push notifications provide the ability to communicate directly with members via a Web portal about new member recruitment campaigns or other activities within an association.
  5. Better performance: Push notifications improve app performance by encouraging members to open and use the app regularly. This improves performance and the overall user experience.

Below we further explain some scenarios that we regularly hear from our clients and where notifications can help associations further professionalize communications.

Scenario: notify general membership meeting

Imagine you are the president of an association and you have to hold an important general membership meeting soon. You would like to reach as many members as possible and have them present at the meeting so you can make important decisions and share recent updates.

To ensure that as many members as possible attend the meeting, you decide to use push notifications. You send a notification to all members via the app, inviting them to attend the meeting and informing them of its importance.

The push notification attracts members’ attention and ensures they are aware of the meeting. Many members decide to attend and the meeting is a great success thanks to the efficient way of communicating via push notifications.

During the meeting, you can share decisions and updates with the members in attendance and get immediate feedback.

Scenario: recruitment of volunteers

Volunteers are often welcomed with open arms by associations. By using a web portal, you can easily communicate with all members to recruit new volunteers. For example, you may be looking for volunteers for a cleanup event on the athletic field. Here, you may decide to use push notifications to inform people about the action and invite them to participate.

A few days before the cleanup action, potential volunteers receive a push notification on their phones with information about the action, time and location. The push notification also includes a link to a form where they can sign up to volunteer.

On the day of the cleanup event, registered volunteers will receive a reminder push notification with details about the weather and practical information for the day. This makes them better prepared and more enthusiastic to participate.

Scenario: Sending invitation activities

As an association, you can also decide to use push notifications to keep your members informed of upcoming activities and competitions via the web portal.

One week before an important match, members will receive a push notification in the app with information about the time, location and program for the day. This allows them to plan better and make sure they don’t miss anything.

On the day of the race, members will receive a push notification with the latest updates on weather and traffic conditions around the venue. This ensures that they arrive on time and are better prepared for any challenges along the way.

After the match, members will receive push notifications with a result or highlights of the match, along with photos and videos. This allows them to relive the emotions and atmosphere of the game and share it with other members and friends.

In this scenario, push notifications shows its value as an effective communication tool for sports clubs. It makes it easier to keep members informed and involved in activities and competitions, contributing to a strong and close-knit community feeling.

Conclusion push notifications

Push notifications are an excellent tool for associations to increase engagement with your members and keep them informed of important updates and offers. In addition, they offer many benefits to all members, including convenience, direct engagement and personalization. So as a business, you should definitely think about using push notifications as part of your communication strategy.