For your association or foundation, you would like to have sponsors. In fact, this provides several benefits for both parties.. To build the relationship with your new sponsors, or to improve the relationship with your current sponsors, we have collected the best tips for you. Learn in this blog how you can use these tips to deliver extra value for your sponsors so you can build the best possible relationship.

Reasons to establish sponsorship relationships

There are several reasons why a sponsor decides to support an association or foundation. The most common reason is because there is already an existing relationship between the two parties. The sponsor knows the association or foundation and vice versa. Therefore, they grant each other increasing name recognition and having more budget or other resources.

Second, a sponsorship relationship is established when it provides a benefit to both the sponsor and the association or foundation. For example, sponsorships are done to increase awareness of a brand or name. It can also cooperate to strengthen the image of a brand or name. For example, consider sponsoring a charity.

Moreover, sponsorship can also lead to building business relationships. By investing in an association or foundation, a sponsor can present itself as a committed and serious business partner, which can lead to building business relationships and perhaps even new clients.

The tips to deliver extra value for sponsors

If you want a sponsor to continue to invest in your association or foundation, it is important to make sure you offer a sponsor as many benefits as possible. Below we give you some tips so you can offer more to your sponsor:

1. Make clear agreements

It is important to make clear agreements with your sponsor about exactly what you will do with the money, products or services they give you. This way, the sponsor knows exactly what is happening with their contribution to your association or foundation and therefore they know what to expect. Do this with short- or long-term planning, for example.

2. Offer exclusivity

If you can offer your sponsor exclusivity, such as being the sole sponsor of a particular activity or event, or being the sole supplier of products or services for a project, this can be a lot of appeal to your sponsor.

Do this with short- or long-term planning, for example.

By providing your sponsor with marketing opportunities, such as placing their logo around your association or foundation or on your social media channels. We also see that displaying a sponsor on your digital pass is a promising action. Thus, every member will see the sponsors weekly, almost daily on their cell phone. The perfect opportunity to pamper your sponsors, significantly increase a sponsor’s brand awareness and thus strengthen the relationship with your sponsors.


Improve your communication

By sharing news items and sending push notifications, you improve communication with your members.

Environmentally conscious

A digital pass is a sustainable alternative to a physical plastic pass. This way you also do your bit for the environment!

Save time and costs

No more unnecessary handling when creating and sending passes. Save costs immediately with the digital pass.

Don’t lose a pass

You don’t lose a digital pass! Lost your phone? Then simply send a new activation email from the web portal.

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