Recruiting sponsors in 5 steps

Recruiting sponsors can be easier than you think, in fact, it’s even a lot of fun! Recruiting sponsors can be an essential step for the growth and flourishing of your association. Here are five helpful tips to make this process go smoothly and achieve success:

Step 1: Selecting a potential sponsor

Care is crucial when selecting potential sponsors for your association or foundation. Start with a thorough brainstorming session to determine how much financial support you need, who your target audience is and what values your association represents. Initially target local business owners who could use visibility and who fit your organization’s mission. Immediately avoid oversized companies, as they tend to be more selective in their sponsorship choices and are more likely to lean toward large, established organizations.



Step 2: Approach any new sponsor.

Once you’ve found a potential sponsor, it’s time to approach them in a personalized and thoughtful way. Stop simply copying and pasting standard emails and sending them to a large number of companies. People want to feel valued, and customization is essential here. Show the company why exactly they would be a valuable partner for your association or foundation. Take the time to get to know the company and understand their needs. A well thought out and tailored proposal significantly increases the likelihood of a successful collaboration.

Your story

Sponsorship recruitment is about more than just raising money; it is a form of fundraising where quid pro quos are offered in exchange for financial support. Here, customization is essential. A standard logo on your website is often not enough to convince potential sponsors. Consider creative ways to integrate the sponsor, such as listings in the or in prominent locations around the association.

And beyond that?
  • Address your sponsorship request to a contact person and not a general address
  • Avoid having your letter full of language errors.
  • Make sure the letter does not overemphasize hobbyism; it is important to make it clear that you are serious about seeking sponsors and that your association is widely supported and important to others as well.
  • Report your successes
  • Personal contact, such as a phone call or a visit, still works best!



Step 4: Drafting sponsorship contract

Of course, it is advisable to draw up a sponsorship contract. However, if a company prefers not to do this, at least make sure that agreements are confirmed in writing by letter or e-mail. Wait to execute the sponsorship contract until the first invoice is paid. This way you avoid a financial risk for the club.

Tip! Try to organize a signing moment and record it; then you will have the first promotion ready for the upcoming newsletter or social media.

Step 5: Receive approval and inform about next steps

Congratulations, you have secured a new sponsor! Schedule a meeting a few months after the sponsorship begins to discuss progress and initial results. By proving yourself as a reliable partner, you increase the likelihood that the sponsor will want to extend the partnership. Let the sponsor come up with their own ideas for further cooperation.

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