Automation of digital passes at events

You read it correctly, it is possible to change the process of fully automate one-time or temporary digital passes at events. How we do that? We tell you that below.

More than just a digital pass

At is often thought of as a long-term online membership card, but that’s not the case! A customized form allows visitors to obtain a one-time or temporary ticket. This can be done, for example, by adding their name, e-mail address and/or payment information. The form is then linked to the web portal, which ensures that an activation email is sent immediately or a certain number of days before the event.

Scan digital passes with our

Digital passes can be scanned with our By using the it is possible to check passes for validity. It offers the same functionality, albeit with a different approach. During the event, you can use a cell phone or a Zebra scanner, for example, to scan tickets for validity. In your dashboard, you can immediately see at a glance how many people are present.

Safe and efficient solution

You control whether a digital pass can be scanned once or multiple times, and they are not transferable via screenshots, thanks to the moving QR code and a dynamic animation in the app. This not only creates a secure environment for your event, but also ensures the safety of the visitor who purchases the ticket. All of this is offered in five different languages, so there is something for everyone!


Real-time dashboard with scanning activities

With our handy dashboard, you can easily see how many passes have been scanned, how many people have checked in, as well as how many people have checked out. You can easily do this by scanning with your cell phone, zebra scanner or from the web portal!

Which associations went before you?

Friends of FC Twente

The FC Twente supporters association has fully automated the process of issuing temporary introduction passes. We developed a custom form through Gravity Forms on their website where members can select a match to bring a guest. After choosing the desired contest and completing contact information and payment, a signal is automatically sent to our web portal. This creates and sends a temporary digital introductory pass. After the event, the digital introductory pass is automatically deactivated.


Walking association DOS Dwingeloo

Organizations such as Wandelvereniging DOS Dwingeloo use the when organizing their walking events For each hike, they sell tickets, which are imported through our app once they are requested through the website. On the day of the event, all passes can be easily scanned, giving them a perfect overview of all attendees.

Is your organization next?

Have another cool idea you want to use our solution for? We are happy to think with you! Contact us today and find out how you can take your events to the next level.

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