Many organizations, associations and foundations use a physical membership card. Digitizing these membership cards offers numerous benefits for both organizations and members, including time and cost savings.
In this blog, you’ll learn about the benefits of digitizing a membership card.

The benefits of a digital membership card

Firstly, a digital membership card is quickly and easily accessible, and it can always be kept at hand on a mobile phone. Members no longer have to worry about losing their membership card and can always have it at hand.

Additionally, a digital membership card also provides convenience for organizations, associations, and foundations. The membership card can be easily updated and managed from the web portal, reducing administrative burdens. Furthermore, a digital membership card can also serve as a link between the organization and its members, for example, by sending push notifications or offering exclusive deals and discounts.

Finally, a digital membership card can also contribute to increasing security within an organization. For example, members can be verified when participating in an activity using their digital membership card. In summary, a digital membership card offers convenience, efficiency, and security for both individual members and organizations. So it’s definitely worth considering investing in a digital membership card.

The disadvantages of a physical membership card

A physical membership card has several disadvantages. Firstly, it’s difficult to always have the physical membership card with you. If you leave it at home or at work, you can’t use the membership card. This can be inconvenient, for example, if you suddenly decide to go to the swimming pool or the gym.

Additionally, a physical card can be easily lost or stolen. If this happens, you have to request a new card, which can take time, incur costs, and be frustrating. Furthermore, you often have to pay money to reapply for the card, which can also incur unwanted costs.

Lastly, it’s also difficult to keep a physical card up-to-date, for example, if you’ve moved or need to change other personal information. You have to then contact the organization issuing the card to update your information, which involves extra work.


A digital membership card offers numerous advantages over a traditional physical card. Firstly, a digital membership card is easy to manage and always at hand since it can be stored on a mobile phone. Furthermore, a digital membership card can be easily updated with the latest information regarding membership and offers. This is because the board can manage it quickly and easily from the web portal. As a result, the digital membership card always has the latest information.

A digital membership card is also more sustainable than a physical card because it doesn’t need to be printed and replaced when information changes. In summary, a digital membership card offers convenience, sustainability, and up-to-date information for members of an organization.

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