Today, many organizations, associations and foundations are making the transition from a physical pass to a digital pass. Here they almost always have the choice of whether or not to get a scan possible with it. Many don’t know the actual benefits of scanning digital passes, so we figured that out for you! In this blog, we explain the benefits of scanning digital passes for your organization, association or foundation. .

What is a digital pass?

A digital pass is a digital alternative to a traditional physical pass. The digital pass is more convenient than a physical pass because it is easier to use and can be stored on any cell phone. The digital pass contains personal information about the user, such as name and membership number, and can be used to access various benefits and services offered by the organization, association or foundation of which the user is a member. For example, think about joining an activity, or getting a discount when showing your digital pass. In addition, the digital pass can be easily updated and shared with others, simplifying its management and use.

Digital pass easily scanned with QR code

A digital pass can be easily scanned using a scanning app, as a digital pass contains a QR code. By simply scanning the QR code, the digital pass can be easily checked for security and reliability. And all within seconds time; super fast! Scanning a digital pass makes it much easier and more accessible for everyone.

Real-time data from a digital pass

An organization, association or foundation benefits greatly from having real-time data on digital pass users. For example, consider seeing through a dashboard how many members attended your activity. First, this can help in better understanding users’ needs and interests, which can lead to improved services and events that better match what users want.

Further, it can help manage membership records more efficiently and reduce administrative errors in the web portal. In addition, it can also help improve communication with members by making it faster and easier to reach them with relevant information and offers. In short, real-time data from your users can help any organization, association or foundation function better and meet its users’ needs.


So there are several advantages of scanning digital passes. First, it can increase security because digital passes are often issued with unique QR codes, making them more difficult to counterfeit. Second, it can speed up the authentication process because digital passes can be scanned quickly, meaning people spend less time waiting to access activities or events. Finally, digital passes reduced the use of physical passes, which is better for the environment. Overall, then, scanning digital passes offers benefits in terms of security, efficiency and sustainability.

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