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On the edge of the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland lies the Hanseatic city of Deventer. Known as “the Book City of the Netherlands” and for the Charles Dickens Festijn, Deventer offers a convenient destination to vis After spending a day in this historic city, it’s time to have a good meal. And that’s perfectly fine with one of the users, a restaurant group with names like “The Lemon Tree” and “JackiesNYC.

customer case jackies nyc

The situation

Our contact Stefan ran into the problem that the various restaurants had their own rules regarding employee discounts. To address this problem and equalize the discount for all restaurant group employees, he set out to find a solution.

Stefan: “In the last few years we have grown considerably and now have four restaurants and a wine store. Because of this separate growth, each company used its own employee discounts and rules. To provide unity and make sure that everyone who is entitled to a discount actually gets the discount, I started looking for an app that would allow us to take care of this. That’s how I ended up at Digipas!”

The solution

By using the Digipas, all employees can make themselves known at participating restaurants to claim their entitlement to employee discounts! Super convenient and very easy to monitor from the web portal. Through the, each employee of the restaurant group receives a unique QR code so that the mutual discount can be settled.

Stefan: “I like it super! It is very nice that each staff member has a digital pass on what he or she always carries with them: the phone. This has made the threshold for all staff to ask for discounts much lower, and the percentages and rules are the same for all staff in all cases. We can also track and update some things in the web portal. The implementation phase was fast and fine. The contact was very pleasant and there was help where needed. Also top that there is room to pass on improvements.”

Thus, the Digipas offers a solution not only to sports clubs and supporters associations, but it is also the appropriate solution when digitizing personnel passes!

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