From forgotten passes to digital delight


mcnop simplifies and optimizes our digital experience

At MC NOP, we constantly strive to improve. When we discovered Digipas, we immediately saw its potential to simplify our digital activities. And that is exactly what happened..

Digipas has transformed our membership experience. We used to have physical passes that were often forgotten. Now Digipas is conveniently integrated into everyone’s phone. This means that members always have their membership with them, giving ease of use a new dimension.

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Intuitive and user-friendly.

Digipas’ versatility has positively surprised us. In particular, the ability for everyone to have the pass digitally has become a big hit. We have only just begun, but the response has been enthusiastic. Digipas has seamlessly inserted into our systems. The app is intuitive and user-friendly.

No more forgotten passes

Member feedback confirms that we made the right choice. No more forgotten passes and quick installation on the phone are appreciated features. In addition, Digipas has improved the overall experience of our members.

Although we were already paying attention to data security, Digipas has helped us handle sensitive data even more efficiently. We chose Digipas because of its user-friendliness and digital aspects. The benefits since implementation have been tangible. Faster pass issuance, no forgotten passes and less work for our secretariat.

Unique customer service

We are also impressed with the customer service of the Digipas team. Patrick always assisted us professionally and understandably. His clear explanations make a big difference in questions.

Would I recommend Digipas to other companies? Absolutely. It’s a great app, easy to use and quick to download. Digipas has streamlined our processes, improved the user experience and made us more efficient. MC NOP recommends Digipas without hesitation.

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