From lack of communication to proactive communication

The Bridge Chapter Holland is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle club. The chapter is part of the globally branched Harley Owners Group (HOG)..

As a chapter with about 150 enthusiastic members, whose average age is relatively high, we faced challenges in digital communications. Some of our members found digital communication difficult, but almost everyone had a smartphone. Digipas proved to be the perfect solution for getting important information to our members at the last minute.

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Share last-minute news via push notifications

What we find especially useful about Digipas are the functionalities it offers. First, the digital pass itself is a practical proof of membership for our chapter. In addition, by presenting the pass at participating partners, members can take advantage of member benefits ranging from discounts to free cups of coffee. But the most important technical functionality we use is the ability to send last-minute news to our members via push notifications. This is ideal for sharing important updates.

As for integrating Digipas into our existing systems and operations, we have chosen to use Digipas as a stand-alone solution. The rollout went smoothly: we could easily import a CSV file with all our members and send automated invitations.

Experiences of our partners and members

We have received a lot of positive feedback on the use of Digipas. It has enhanced our image as a modern and progressive chapter. Our partners and members are also excited about the member benefits it provides.

Digipas has definitely contributed to an improved user experience for our members. They now feel more and better connected to our chapter as they have easy access to the latest news, links to our social media channels and our club calendar through the Digipas.

Since using Digipas, we have found that our members are always up to date with the latest developments and news within our chapter. Previously, we were sometimes accused of lacking communication, but since the introduction of Digipas, that is no longer an excuse.

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Pleasant and approachable

We are very satisfied with the customer service and support provided by the Digipas team. They are very approachable and customer friendly, responding quickly to questions and thinking with the customer. When we needed some additions in the system, they were quickly implemented in an update.

In conclusion, we would definitely recommend Digipas to other companies and organizations. It is a low-threshold way to offer members or customers a modern tangible proof of membership. The price per pass is low and the quality of the solution is high. We expect more features to be added in the future, which will only increase the value of Digipas.

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