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Vriendenkring FC Twente

Vriendenkring FC Twente ’65

Collaborating with FC Twente’s biggest supporters association, who wouldn’t want that? Some 60 years ago, De Vriendenkring FC Twente ’65 was founded.

An association that has had FC Twente running through its veins for generations. A real association, forming a real constituency as it should be. Through thick and thin, and through rain and shine, supporters have united for years with one common goal: encouragement through brotherhood.

So a leading association in Twente and the surrounding area. Where the supporters normally break their hands when applauding for the Pride of the East, we as were allowed to join hands with them for a good cooperation.

So from now on, the Circle of Friends will be using the, and in doing so has chosen more convenience, better communication with its members and a better environment. We asked the Tukkers about their experience with the app, and they responded enthusiastically! Read below the message we received from our new friends.


The first introduction

Roy Theusink, secretary of Vriendenkring FC Twente ’65: “The first reactions from us as a board, but also from members, was that the is quick and easy to install, but also easy to use for young and old alike.

In addition, we found the first meeting to be very good and pleasant, they were also very sympathetic to our problems and solution-oriented. This ultimately resulted in a product that we are very satisfied with.

At the start, some members of the Friends Circle FC Twente ’65 had to switch gears for a while, but with the help of volunteers and support from, we got through this period well. By now everyone is used to it and the has become an integral part of our association.

‘The system is very simple and accessible to everyone. This makes sending out our membership card a piece of cake, and our communication with our members has greatly improved.

Vriendenkring FC Twente ’65

Everything in-house with the web portal

Stan Westerink, treasurer of Vriendenkring FC Twente ’65: “The web portal works easily for us and is clear to use, which means we can now create, send and, if necessary, change new digital passes ourselves Even providing a large group of new members with a digital membership card is now no longer a problem due to the import function in the web portal.

Overall, we are most satisfied with the user-friendliness of the For some, the is easier to use than others, but everyone knows how to scan the app to identify themselves. For us as directors, we now save time and offer our members added value for their membership.

Because we are satisfied with the, we plan to use the more widely in the future. We plan to do this by referring to newsletters, linking to our new website and announcing a collection or membership meeting through push notifications.’


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