Every association and foundation deals with members. You are also only too happy to keep these members happy, because you want to retain as many members as possible. It is therefore essential to keep these members involved in your association or foundation. In this blog, learn how to increase engagement with your members.

More convenience with a digital pass

It is important to pamper your members: after all, you want your members to be satisfied with their membership. Therefore, it is important to make membership as easy as possible for members. You do this by digitizing membership, for example, replacing the plastic membership card with a digital membership card. Create your own digital membership card for your members, which they can install on their cell phones with just a few clicks. It’s a lot easier for members, but also for your own association!

Activities lead to more involvement

Clovers, a barbecue or a pub quiz. These are already some examples of activities you can organize for your members, but of course there are a lot more! Organizing (annual), creative activities as an association or foundation is great fun, and most importantly; you also increase member involvement.

Don’t have the optimal conditions to organize a physical activity? No problem! Indeed, online organizing has also taken a big leap in recent years. With a little creativity, a lot of activities can also be done online. Think about an online quiz or an online sports hour, for example! However, it is important to match the right activity to the right type of members.

Send push notifications

Notify members

No one likes uncertainty, including your members. So keep your members informed of the latest news and developments! So keep your members informed of the latest news and developments! Notify members of your planned activities with news releases or send your members instant invitations to an activity via push notification.

Not every member reads the website or social media posts, but with a push notification, every member receives a notification on his/her cell phone. As a result, you will see that members will feel more involved, you as an association or foundation can inform your members more quickly, and you can move quickly with activities.

Increase engagement with interaction

In addition to providing convenience and organizing activities, it is also important to interact with your members. Get in touch with your members and ask for their opinions and interests. This is how you improve your relationship with your members, which ensures better engagement. For example, do this through social media, at your organized activities or through your own association app. Find out what your members’ interests are and take advantage of them!

Recruiting volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is important for many associations and foundations. Volunteers are indispensable for the work they do and it is important to find them. A great way to recruit volunteers is through social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Approaching people already involved with the association or foundation, such as donors, can also be effective. Here, it is important to clearly communicate why someone would want to volunteer, and what kind of work is expected.

With an association app, you can do this quickly and easily by asking for volunteers via news releases or push notifications. Sending a push notification to members ensures that every member is informed of the volunteer shortage. By increasing engagement with members, more members will sign up through your just-sent push notification!

Bring members together

The final tip is to create one large group of your members, also called a community. After all, your members already have similar interests, so make sure your members can easily connect with each other. To do this efficiently, you could use an association app.

Within an association app, for example, you can share a link so that members can communicate with each other quickly and easily.. Other tips include sending push notifications when invited to an activity or offering discounts when showing the association app.

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