Making a sports club more sustainable is an important issue in today’s times. More and more people are consciously reducing their carbon footprint and are eager to contribute to a more sustainable society. Sustainability also offers numerous benefits for sports associations. For example, they can save on energy and water costs, but the association’s image can also be improved by taking sustainable initiatives. In this blog, you will read about the steps a sports club can take to become more sustainable.


Renewable energy

A sports club can contribute to a more sustainable society in several ways by using economical sources of energy. For example, one can switch to energy-efficient lighting, such as LED lighting. In addition, a sports club may also consider renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or heat pumps. These two actions can lead to greater savings on energy bills because these sources use little energy or even provide free energy. Moreover, they are better for the environment than traditional energy sources, such as coal or gas.
Another way to become more sustainable is to conserve energy. This can be done, for example, by limiting the use of electrical appliances, insulating buildings or modifying heating systems. Adapting sports activities to the seasons can also help save energy, such as exercising outside instead of in a heated sports building.

What many sports associations do not know is that they can apply for various grants to make their accommodation more sustainable. For example, many sports associations can take advantage of the BOSA, or Subsidy for Construction and Maintenance of Sports Facilities. With this financial contribution, many sports associations can already receive a 30% subsidy on sustainability!


Sustainable recycling

A sports club can also contribute to the environment by recycling materials. By separating waste and ensuring that it is properly recycled, a sports club can play an important role in conserving natural resources and reducing mountains of waste. Recycling materials also has financial benefits: by having to purchase fewer new materials, the association can save money in the long run. And by also using more sustainable materials, such as recycled sportswear, the association can stand out from other sports associations and be attractive to members and sponsors who consciously choose sustainability.


Sustainable membership card and communication

Finally, digitizing from a physical membership card to a digital membership card can also help a sports association become more sustainable. Reducing the use of plastic passes makes for a cleaner environment because less plastic will be used. Moreover, a digital membership card can also be linked to sustainable initiatives, such as encouraging participants to carpool or use public transportation. Moreover, the digital membership card can also be used to gain access to enter the sports club without scanning plastic passes. Finally, a digital membership card can also help improve communication between the sports association and its members. For example, the association can easily send newsletters and other important information to its members through a Web portal.

In summary, a digital membership card can help a sports club become more sustainable by reducing the use of plastic passes, facilitating access to sports offerings and improving communication.

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