Organizations, associations and foundations place a high value on security for their customers or members. Organizations, associations and foundations place a high value on security for their customers or members. Consequently, we see organizations, associations and foundations today looking for a more secure alternative to their physical pass. They quickly end up with a digital pass because it is a lot more secure. In this blog, we talk about how our digital solution solves multiple problems regarding a pass.

What is the AVG law?

The AVG law stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. Simply put, this means that companies and organizations must handle your data carefully. This law is in place so that your privacy is not violated.

What are the problems of a physical pass?

With the General Data Protection Regulation in mind, it is important that individuals’ contact information does not end up with the wrong people. For example, if you lose a physical pass containing your contact information, such as your first name, last name and mailing address, someone will soon know a lot about you!

You can avoid this by digitizing physical passes because if a phone is lost, you can easily block the digital pass through the web portal. As a result, no one can access your contact information anymore.

Losing passes

Suppose you lose a pass in the city where you spend an afternoon walking around. This pass gives your discount at certain stores. You want to redeem this discount quickly because that one product is just on sale! When creating and sending physical passes, this process takes a lot of time and unnecessary actions, from different people.

You can quickly block a digital pass so that others cannot see your contact information. But the organization, where the person has joined, can also send a new digital pass in two presses of a button. That way, that person can quickly access the digital pass again and redeem their discounted offer!

Transferring passes

In many organizations, associations you take a membership for which you pay monthly or annual fees to belong. When you are a member of an organization, you also discover the benefits of the organization and associated partners or sponsors. You then do not want individuals to transfer their physical pass to other individuals so that they can enjoy the benefits of his membership.

This can be solved with a digital pass. It is not transferable, and this ensures that other (non-affiliated persons) cannot benefit from it. Eventually you’re going to find that these members who normally ”profit” will also purchase a membership, and as a result, your membership grows. And that will ensure that you receive additional income.
A great way to recruit new members and thus generate additional revenue!

The benefits at a glance

Digital pass never gets lost

Unlike a plastic pass, no digital pass gets lost anymore; everyone always has a digital pass on their phone! That way you’ll never run into trouble with the AVG law again.

Immediately block a digital pass

If a phone is lost, a digital pass can be blocked immediately and a new pass can be easily sent later. This allows for another quick discount when showing the digital pass!

Digital pass is not transferable

Only the right people can still use the digital pass. No more hassle with plastic passes given back and forth.

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