Keeping your association’s finances in order is a tall order these days, especially with costs rising all the time. But rest assured, there are ways to spend your budget smartly and keep your (fixed) costs down. Here are a few helpful tips we’d like to share with you.

1. Go for sustainable solutions

Installing solar panels on the roof of your association building provide significant savings on energy bills. By using rainwater harvesting systems, you can reduce your water consumption and contribute to more sustainable water use. And digital membership cards offer not only convenience and security, but also a sustainable alternative to the plastic cards that otherwise must be replaced regularly.

By choosing sustainable solutions as an association, you not only contribute to a better environment, but you can also set an example for others in your community. In addition, highlighting your sustainability efforts can help attract new members who are concerned about environmental issues and are looking for associations committed to sustainability.

As an association, you might also think about reducing paper use by digitizing documents and meetings, using recyclable materials at events and activities, and promoting environmentally friendly alternatives to members and visitors.

By making sustainable choices, you as an association can not only save costs in the long run, but also contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

2. Make use of digital communication tools

Who needs huge amounts of physical invitations, printed newsletters and A5-size flyers these days? Save the association a lot of money and instead use digital communication tools such as e-mail, digital newsletters and your social media channels to keep your members informed of the latest news, future activities and events. Cheaper and a sustainable choice.

Digipas’ web portal provides that option for users to quickly and easily send digital (news) messages to all members or to a specific group of members of your association such as referees, volunteers and/or the board. We are happy to explain how this will work for your association!


Improve your communication

By sharing news items and sending push notifications, you improve communication with your members.

Environmentally conscious

A digital pass is a sustainable alternative to a physical plastic pass. This way you also do your bit for the environment!

Save time and costs

No more unnecessary handling when creating and sending passes. Save costs immediately with the digital pass.

Don’t lose a pass

You don’t lose a digital pass! Lost your phone? Then simply send a new activation email from the web portal.

3. Sustainable sponsorship partnerships.

For almost every association they are important; sponsors. If you are planning to organize regular events or activities, it is helpful to find companies in the area who are willing to support you financially in this and thus promote their business! By looking for sponsors, you can ease your association’s financial burden while creating a win-win situation.

For example, you can approach a local business that is interested in sponsoring your event or activity. In return, you can feature their logo prominently on your website and digital expressions on social media, or mention them during the event. This not only provides additional visibility for the sponsor, but can also increase community involvement. And who knows, if the event is a great success, the sponsor may decide to sponsor again for future events. So what are you waiting for? Start finding potential sponsors for your association today and increase your chances of success!

Especially for Gold users, the Digipas app has a handy feature built in. This allows you to highlight new and existing sponsors to all members of your association. By showing different sponsors when members log in, you increase the visibility of your sponsors. In addition, you can send paid news releases sponsored by your partners. In this way, sponsors can increase their brand awareness while supporting your association financially.

4. Review budget regularly

Of course, you also want to ensure a healthy financial future for your association. To achieve this, it is important to regularly evaluate your budget and see where you can cut costs. Consider changes in the market, the needs of your members and new technologies that can help your association operate more efficiently and save money. By regularly reviewing your budget, you can ensure that your association remains financially sound and ready for the future.

In addition to monitoring your budget, it is also important to consider changes in the market and the needs of your members. By adapting your association to new developments in the industry, you can ensure that your association remains attractive to potential members and sponsors. This could include offering new services, organizing events that meet the needs of your members, or using new technologies such as the Digipas.

Another important factor is reviewing your budget to be more efficient and save money. For example, by cutting costs on plastic membership cards, sending physical newsletters or printing flyers, you can quickly save a lot of money. Using digital communication tools such as push notifications, digital newsletters and social media channels can be very helpful.

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