In our ongoing effort to improve and adapt the to the needs of associations and non-profit organizations, we are excited to introduce an exciting new functionality: uploading a photo in the digital membership card! This new addition provides a personal touch to the pass and makes checking passes at the person level even easier.

Why upload a photo?

By uploading a photo on the digital membership card, association administrators can now personalize their members’ passes. This creates a sense of commitment and identity within the association, strengthening the bond with members.

photo upload

Benefits of a Personalized Digipas:

  • Person-level identification
    with the addition of a photograph, the digital membership card becomes an even more reliable means of identification. At events, meetings or gatherings, checking the pass at the person level can be done quickly and accurately, improving security and participation.
  • Improved engagement
    a personalized pass appeals more to members and fosters a sense of belonging to the association. Strengthening the emotional bond between members and the association can increase retention and satisfaction.
  • Professional look
    associations can choose to maintain a uniform style for the digital membership card, reinforcing the professional look. This can be especially important for associations dealing with external partners, sponsors or stakeholders.

How does it work?
Uploading a photo is done in the web portal where all users of the web portal can easily upload a member-level photo. After uploading, the photo is immediately added to their digital membership card. Members can still upload their own photos at this time.

with the new photo upload functionality, we add an extra dimension to the Personalize your digital membership card and increase engagement within your association. Take advantage of enhanced person-level control and enjoy the professional look it brings.

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