Offsetting discounts such as those for staff or for customers between different branches of the same owner can be tricky to organize and time-consuming hassle. Fortunately, digital passes such as those provided by Digipas offer an effective solution to simplify this process. Today we are going to discuss how digital passes can help with efficient discounting that reduces the administrative burden and continues to benefit owners, customers and employees alike.

The benefits of digital passes in discounting

Digital passes allow organizations with multiple stores to simplify rebate settlement. Employees and customers can easily use their digital passes to verify their identity and entitlement to discounts at participating stores. The web portal can determine discounts based on pass type, eliminating manual administration.

Real-time insight and control: The power of digital passes in rebate settlement

Digital passes offer real-time insight into rebate settlement. Digipas’ web portal can easily generate reports that show what discounts were calculated, who took advantage of them and the total savings. This data allows owners to evaluate the rebate program and make any adjustments to improve the benefits to rebate users.

Better security and control with digital passes for rebate settlement

Digital passes allow organizations to settle discounts in a secure and controlled manner. Only authorized persons, can access the discounts via their own pass through a scannable QR code. By managing access rights, owners can ensure that fraud is limited and that the rebate program remains reliable. In this way, organizations can confidently take advantage of employee discounts without worrying about abuse.

Reduce administrative tasks with digital passes for rebate settlement

The use of digital passes reduces the administrative burden of clearing mutual discounts. This allows owners to save valuable time and resources so they can focus on the core business of their stores.



Improve your communication

By sharing news items and sending push notifications, you improve communication with your members.

Environmentally conscious

A digital pass is a sustainable alternative to a physical plastic pass. This way you also do your bit for the environment!

Save time and costs

No more unnecessary handling when creating and sending passes. Save costs immediately with the digital pass.

Don’t lose a pass

You don’t lose a digital pass! Lost your phone? Then simply send a new activation email from the web portal.

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