What is Digipas.app?

Digipas.app is a convenient and sustainable app for associations. Members will receive a digital membership card after registering. This pass comes with a QR code and personal information that allows them to identify themselves.
Using the pass actually works exactly the same as a physical pass. The QR code is scanned and personal information is checked, if necessary.
In addition to this, Digipas.app offers much more. In fact, you can choose to link your social media channels or website.
The association can also send push notifications to all members.
Furthermore, it is possible to add and read news items. These news items and more will appear in the web portal. This web portal can be set up in the style of the association.

The benefits of Digipas.app

The convenient thing about a digital membership card, is that you, have your digital membership card with you anytime, anywhere. You can’t forget or lose it. All you have to do is download the app and show the QR code. It also saves in time and cost for the association, as there is no longer a need to purchase, process and send a physical pass. In addition, it is also an environmentally conscious solution, no paper and plastic is used. This is how we, together with you, contribute to a more sustainable world. The digital membership card also allows for improved communication, as all sorts of things can be shared through our web portal. Consider news releases and activities. And should dates change, this is easily managed in the app.

Digital membership card soccer club

The digital membership card can be used by soccer clubs, among others. Stop the annual hassle of handing out membership cards and switch to Digipas.app. Members receive a QR code with personal information. With this, they can easily prove that they are members of the association and thereby, for example, enter a match quickly and without delay. Also, with the digital membership card, better involve your members, sponsors and volunteers in the association. This is because of the web portal within the Digipas.app. On this web portal, you can share news items and point members to your social media channels. Push notification is also possible to remind or inform members of certain issues.

The digital membership card is available to all members, sponsors and volunteers, but opponents can also request a temporary digital membership card.

Digital membership card nature club

Nature organizations together with donors, members and volunteers make a strong case for nature in the Netherlands. This is much needed! Since only 15 percent of the Netherlands still consists of nature. As a nature organization, you want to reach and activate as many people as possible to do their part.

With our Digipas.app, we offer nature organizations the opportunity to use an environmentally conscious solution for all their donors, members and volunteers. With a personal digital membership card, news page where nature tips and projects can be shared and a powerful way to inform donors, members and volunteers about certain activities or agenda items.

Digital membership card supporter association

There is also a digital membership card for members of a supporters association. This makes it even easier to support the respective club and keep up to date with all the news. With the digital membership card, members get a QR code with an overview of data. With this, they can easily prove their membership and then enjoy all the benefits that come with it worry-free. Consider, for example, the entrance to the clubhouse or supporters’ home. Through the web portal, which is within Digipas.app, members can read newsletters and see social media posts. This keeps them the top fans and makes them feel involved in the association!

Digital membership card staff association

The digital membership card can create an even closer bond between employees within your staff association. First, the Digipas.app provides each member with a digital membership card. With this, they no longer have to keep paper or plastic and carry them everywhere. This is convenient for the association, the members and it is also an environmentally conscious choice. Within the Digipas.app, you can post news releases and send push notifications if there is a staff party, for example. Of course, a news release can also be posted about it with all the necessary information.