VV Noordwijk

VV Noordwijk, a second division soccer club, was founded on March 4, 1933 and plays its home matches at Sportpark Duinwetering. With a strong selection, they have been playing soccer at beautiful Noordwijk aan Zee for more than three-quarters of a century, and have had good players like Edwin van der Sar in the youth squad. A wonderful club with a lot of potential, both on and off the field. After all, VV Noordwijk’s board is also eager to take steps to a higher level. So they were looking for a solution to optimize their membership system, and ended up with Digipas.

After a period of development, communication and testing, VV Noordwijk recently started using Digipas.app for members, the Business Club and the Club of 100. The soccer club from South Holland is very satisfied with the digitization of their membership card, combined with the various communication options. Read below the story of VV Noordwijk on how they experienced the start, the cooperation, the communication and Digipas.app.

VV NoordwijkSteward VV Noordwijk scans digital passes at entrance

The onboarding

‘We really enjoyed the onboarding with Digipas. After signing the service agreement, we as an association were super guided through the familiarization process with Digipas.app. Communication with Digipas during the testing phase was also excellent for us. We were not yet familiar with Digipas.app, so testing the app was very helpful. This allowed us to customize Digipas.app to our needs and requirements for the members of VV Noordwijk.

To get going with Digipas.app, we developed a plan of action. In it, we laid out step-by-step how the march route will be for us. We also shared this with Digipas, so it’s clear to both parties how we integrate Digipas.app within the association.

Exchange of experiences

‘Our desire was to have monthly contact with Digipas to discuss progress. Digipas is happy to think along in this, so every four weeks we met with Digipas to go over the state of affairs. The contact with Digipas was very pleasant and open. Sharing experiences about Digipas.app has led to it being a strong and very user-friendly product.

Digipas handled the feedback we provided well. All findings and changes were neatly discussed and then processed in Digipas.app. Digipas also came up with suggestions to make the app as optimal as possible for our association. Digipas is a thinking supplier that values the client’s comments.’

”Digipas is a thoughtful supplier that values the client’s comments”


VV Noordwijk

The testing phase

‘We started testing Digipas.app among a small group of VV Noordwijk members, to provide access for matches and for better and more targeted communication. Fortunately, this went very well. After the testing phase, we integrated all members of the association, and started to introduce the Business Club and Club of 100 members to Digipas.app. Both were also enthusiastic, so we decided to provide these members with a digital pass as well. We can rightly speak of broad digitization within VV Noordwijk.

Everyone is excited about Digipas.app, even the stewards. With the use of the pistol grip, scanning is a quick and easy task for the stewards.

Being able to do mutations yourself

A unique advantage of Digipas is that we have complete control over managing our digital passes ourselves. When changes are made to the membership database, we can quickly and easily do this ourselves in the web portal, instead of contacting the vendor for every change. Because we are in control, we can guarantee our members receive their digital pass within hours.

Once we start using Digipas.app, it is impossible to imagine our association without it. We like Digipas.app so much that we are currently looking together at the possibilities about further digitalization within VV Noordwijk. For example, we are now in the process of developing our own consumption app, to digitally pay in our canteen or sports bar.

We see Digipas not as a customer-supplier relationship, but more as a partnership in the use of Digipas.app. It creates great trust in the relationship with the supplier if the supplier is open to the customer’s ideas. After all, both want a good product.

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