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VV Hoogeveen

VV Hoogeveen integrates digital card for sports and club!

“The current physical membership card is out of date,” said Rob Klooster of VV Hoogeveen, the soccer club in Hoogeveen.n. Recently, we have been working with Rob Klooster to digitize the physical member passes to avoid discussions about forgotten passes.

The challenge

VV Hoogeveen regularly found that the growing membership resulted in increased costs for producing and distributing the passes, and especially that a large number of people visited first team matches without a membership pass. After all, VV Hoogeveen’s sports park is not accessible for free during home matches of the 1st team, and the excuse “yes but I am a member” was used more and more often. This frequently led to discussions among our stewards who were checking. This made checking for forgotten passes difficult and often resulted in annoying situations. One thing was certain, this needed to be handled differently.

‘Appropriate solution’

With promotion to the 3rd division, bigger clubs come to visit which makes for bigger spectator numbers. We got in touch with the association and designed a fully digital environment, especially in VV Hoogeveen’s corporate identity. With the digitization of passes, the excuse “yes but I am a member” is no longer accepted. No digital membership card = no access. This will allow the association to better monitor visitors, improve their communication and make discussions about forgotten passes a thing of the past!

The process

It started with a clear demo, explaining all the applications and possible options of the app. Then loading the Excel document from the sportlink of went very easily, and we were able to send all members their with a few clicks of the button. The is easy to install and check for validity. This is done by scanning membership cards at the entrance gate of the sports complex. This not only saves time in terms of preparing the physical passes for shipping, but also definitely saves on shipping costs.

Optimization of communication

Thanks to the app, VV Hoogeveen was able to fully digitize their passes in no time. This means not only that the 1,000 passes per year no longer need to be physically printed, but also that most contact that used to be through letters now goes through the app! The app is currently being used to manage our membership cards for both (non-)playing members and business club members. They now send regular push notifications for special events at the club. Think of sign-ups for Bingo, Dart tournament et cetera.

”It’s nice to see/hear that the volunteers on the fence are happy that discussions about ‘forgotten’ passes are over, and that the scanning app on the phone is actually quite handy. ‘’

Rob Klooster – board member


The reactions were generally very positive. The youth find it ideal, but with the somewhat “older” members it took some getting used to. Indeed, digitization requires a bit more from members at a respectable age. The less tech-savvy members will be helped with the installation, as the data can be realized from the web portal, which is very convenient.

With the integration of into member passes, VV Hoogeveen has experienced fewer discussions about forgotten passes and uninvited people on the field. VV Hoogeveen looks forward to new developments and the benefits this digitization will bring.


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