Digital restaurant card for your employees

In the vibrant world of hospitality, employees are the beating heartbeat of any organization. Their friendly smiles, professional service and hospitality make or break the atmosphere of your restaurant, hotel or café. It is therefore crucial to take good care of these dedicated team members. A smart and modern solution to this is the transition to digital staff badges.

What does a digital pass offer for your restaurant?

Digital staff passes offer a range of advantages over traditional physical passes. Hhe biggest benefit is that employees can get discounts at restaurants or suppliers through the With the digital staff pass, employees not only get a discount but also instant access to news items such as; recipes or important health rules through news releases and push notifications .

Improve your communication
Environmentally conscious
Always on hand
Don’t lose a pass

Communicate directly and proactively with your staff

Good communication with your staff is essential for smooth operations. With always keep your team up-to-date through our news release page and push notifications. Whether it is important updates, new recipes off planned staff activities, you can inform your team members quickly and efficiently.

Deal efficiently with employee turnover

Staff turnover can cause administrative red tape and wasted time. Fortunately, our web portal a simple solution. With just a few clicks, you can create new digital staff badges and send. Whether you want to create one pass individually or multiple passes at once via an import file, it’s fast and efficient. Removing digital passes from former colleagues is just a few clicks away.

Discounts for you staff

Enjoying discounts at your own restaurants as an employee is a common benefit. However, verifying these discounts can be very difficult and is often susceptible to fraud due to plastic passes that are easy to surrender. With our, this is a thing of the past; who gives their phone to someone else these days?

The system provides a transparent and reliable way to check through, benefiting both management and staff with a fair and efficient process. This is possible because it incorporates animation. If you want complete control, you could use our where you can scan the QR code in the for validity, check-in and check-out.


Benefits for your restaurants with the

Environmentally conscious solution for membership card

Improved communication with your employees

More interaction for work events

Easy management and sending of restaurant passes

Space for sponsors in the

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