Sports associations can reap significant benefits from using digital membership cards. In this article, we will discuss how a digital membership card can help improve the experience of sports leagues and their members.

What is a digital membership card (Digipas)?

A digital membership card is essentially a digital document that confirms a person’s status as a member of a sports association. Instead of a physical card that must be issued and maintained, a digital membership card can be easily stored on a member’s phone or in an online account. Each of these membership cards can be individually customized with specific information, such as name, membership number, expiration date and other details.

What are the benefits to sports associations for digitizing a membership card?

  1. Convenience and accessibility: With a digital membership card, members always have access to their membership information at hand. As a sports association, our web portal the solution to easily add new members, block and/or delete members.
  2. Increased security and control: Digital membership cards can be secured with advanced technology such as our QR codes to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to membership data.
  3. Simplified management for sports associations: With digital membership cards, membership management can be streamlined and simplified. The process of issuing and maintaining physical cards can be eliminated, reducing the administrative burden and reallocating time and resources spent on these tasks to other important tasks.
  4. Improved communication: Digital membership cards allow sports associations to communicate more effectively with their members. For example, through personalized messages or notifications about events, competitions or other information relevant to their particular membership.

Customization and the

The offers a unique and personalized experience for members. With customization as one of our key features, sports associations can customize their digital membership cards according to their needs and preferences such as integrating corporate identity or linking to sports associations’ current membership system.

With us, the customer is always our focus and we understand that each customer has their own unique needs and desires. That’s why we offer customized solutions in addition to our standard app.

In consultation with the client, we can look together at what functionalities are needed to meet specific requirements and then integrate them into the app. This way we can serve our customers even better.

Customers interested in custom solutions can contact our team. Our specialists are ready to work with you to look at your options to provide a customized solution that meets your needs and desires.

In brief

Digital membership cards offer sports associations and their members numerous benefits. By acquiring system such as the, sports associations can offer their members a unique and modern experience that is appropriate for today’s times. This will make sports associations more attractive to new members and ensure greater involvement of existing members.

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