Frequently Asked Questions from Members


A digital pass is an online version of a traditional physical pass or card. Instead of having a physical document, all relevant information is digitally stored and displayed through an online app.

In that case, please contact your organization, association, or foundation as soon as possible. They can then block your digital pass within seconds.

Is the wrong personal information displayed in your If so, contact your organization, association or foundation. They can change your contact information!

By using the same activation email on your new/temporary cell phone that you got in on your other cell phone, you can just use the same activation link. If you cannot find this email again, please contact the organization, association or foundation.

Digipas handles your personal information with care. Wondering how we do it? See how we handle privacy.

Download and activate

From your organization, association or foundation, you will receive an activation email containing the ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Apple App Store’ link (step 1). By clicking here, you will be automatically sent to the and you can download the app!

Does the link from the activation email not work? Then you can also manually type ‘’ in the Google Play Store or Apple App store and download the

You will receive an activation e-mail from your organization, association or foundation explaining step by step how to activate your on your cell phone.

If you have already downloaded the (step 1), you can click on the activation link (step 2). By clicking on this link, the organization, association, or foundation is automatically added in the!

NOTE: Activating the only works on your cell phone!

First, try opening the link in another web browser (For example, if Safari does not work, try Google Chrome).

Does this not work either? Below the activation link in step 2 is another link as well as a personal code. Go to and enter your personal code manually.

Congratulations! You have added your organization, association or foundation in the

Contact your organization, association or foundation and mention that you did not receive an activation email. They will email you a new activation link.

NOTE: Please check your spam box before contacting us.


Are you no longer a member? Perhaps your notice is still being processed by your organization. Contact your organization to report that you received an email from

They can edit or delete your own digital environment

Possibly you joined your organization through a family membership, correct? If yes, it could be that your digital pass could be scanned multiple times. Alternatively, you may have multiple passes in the that you can use.

If this is not the case and certain information is missing, such as a personal e-mail address, it is advisable to contact the association. You can let them know what name and email address you want to use to receive the digital pass. Your organization can make these changes for you.

Have you recently joined? If so, your organization may not yet have fully processed your registration. By this we mean to say that you have not yet been imported into our web portal.

This means that you have not yet received an activation email from, so you have not yet been able to activate your digital pass.

If this is the case, it is best to contact your organization. Your organization can determine the status of your enrollment!

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