Frequently asked questions from organizations

The refreshes each time a user opens the app. This does not happen several times a day, but with each individual app session.

So when new news items are added and a user opens the app, they will immediately notice that a new news item is available.

That is correct! This is a conscious choice. We aim to prevent users from taking screenshots and sending them to non-members. By changing the QR code every 5 seconds, we can effectively prevent this.

Absolutely, that is definitely possible! You may be a member of two organizations or involved in multiple organizations for which you use the

We don’t want to unnecessarily complicate things for our users with multiple apps. If you are a director at multiple organizations and want to use the, you can activate this functionality within a single app. This allows you to easily switch between the organizations by clicking on their logo.

Web portal

Once a pass is checked in, the pass is automatically checked out again after 24 hours. Do you want all passes checked out within these 24 hours? No problem! The “Check Out All Passes” button deletes all currently checked-in passes. That way you’ll be fully prepared again for the next event.

Your current member list can be added super fast in one go. In the web portal, download our import file and add your current member list. Then upload this file, and immediately send all your members an activation email. This allows your members to use the right away.

This can be done in two ways: individually or in one large group. To create an individual pass, go to “Passes” in the web portal and then click “Add Pass. Fill in the personal information and send an activation email right away.

Om een grote groep nieuwe leden toe te voegen, download in het webportaal ons import bestand en voeg je nieuwe leden toe. Then upload the file again and immediately send all your members an activation email. This allows your members to use the right away.

To block an individual member, click on the edit icon in the ‘Pass Overview’. Here you can block the pass, either temporarily or permanently.

In the web portal, go to ‘Pass Overview’ and select the passes you want to export. Then click ‘Export Passes’, this will instantly download your current membership list with all the information about your members!

In the web portal, go to “Organization” and click on “Theme. Here you can easily decorate the digital pass with your organization’s logo and colors.

In the web portal, go to “Social Media,” under the “Organization” heading. By clicking ‘Add’, you can select a name, URL link and an icon!

News items can be added in the web portal in two ways: automatically from your own website, or manually. To automatically display news items from your own website in the, add your own website’s RSS feed. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is and how to add it, no problem! Then don’t hesitate to contact us! That’s what we’re here for 🙂

Want to manually add a news item? Then click “Add news item. Add a title and image and write the text and click save. Just like that!

In the web portal, go to “Notifications. Add a title and select whether to send the push notification to all members, or to a specific group. Write your message, add a link if necessary, and send the push notification!

In the web portal, go to “Sponsors,” click on “Overview,” then go to “Add Sponsor. Add the sponsor’s name and logo, and set a temporary date if necessary. For example, above the QR code and personal information, the sponsor is displayed. If you have added multiple sponsors, the sponsor changes every 5 seconds!

You have the ability to control what information is displayed in the To set this up, go to the web portal and navigate to ”Passes” >”App”. Here, for example, you can select how you want to greet someone by choosing between ”full name,” ”first name” or ”last name.” In addition, you can also choose whether you want to show a QR code or a photo, of course it is also possible to show both!

In addition, you can customize four fields in the to display specific data to your members. This way you can present information the way you want. This way you can present information the way you want. You can do this through ”Organization” >”Theme”.

If your organization uses family memberships, you can discover how to create family passes effortlessly here. Two approaches exist:

  1. If you are processing a new family membership and want to generate one digital pass that can be scanned up to 4 times, go to ”Passes” >”Add” >”Number of People”. Here you can specify, up to a maximum of 8 times, how often this pass can be used (or, in other words, how many times it can be scanned multiple times).

    This option is often useful when, for example, children are enrolled without their own cell phones. As an additional step, you can specify that it is a family membership of, say, 2 people under ”member type.” This way you maintain a clear overview of the different types of memberships.

  2. If you want to issue family passes where everyone receives their own pass, it’s best to create multiple unique passes. While creating a pass, enter the number of people (1), and provide each member with their own email address. We also recommend listing the type of membership under ”member types,” for example, ”Family Membership (2).”

If these steps do not produce the desired results, contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Recently, when you create a new pass, you can also add a photo to the app.
You do this through ”Fitting”>”Add” >”Photo” >”Choose File”. Here you can upload a photo or image and then crop the photo. It is important that this be a square photo for the best results.

When you then click save at the bottom of the page, the photo will appear in the environment of the member you changed. Should the photo not be displayed, the image/photo is probably too large

Within the web portal’s pass view, you can manually check in and out members or passes. This process involves selecting a member or pass, then clicking on ”actions,” then selecting the check-in or check-out option.

Within the dashboard, there is a chart where you can see how many people are checked in, checked out and still checked out. This data is represented by three symbols: black, green and red. For example, if you click on “Check in,” all check-in data from the past two weeks will be displayed. The same goes for “Check out” and “check.” By default, the value of “check” is represented by the black symbol.

We have added a prominently placed button to the dashboard in the web portal, at the top right, called “Check out all passes.” When you click this button, we will ask you for confirmation before proceeding to check out all passes. If you confirm by clicking Yes, we will automatically check out all passes.

In the web portal you will find in the real-time dashboard containing:

  • Passes currently checked in
  • Number of passes checked in today
  • Number of passes checked out today
  • Number of passes checked in over the past two weeks

Scanning digital passes with your cell phone and using a Zebra TC26 scanner each have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you choose a Zebra scanner, it is important to know that it can connect to Wifi to retrieve the latest data. The following are some comparisons between the two methods:

Equipment: Mobile phone: Scanning digital passes with your cell phone does not require any additional hardware. Modern smartphones have built-in cameras that can scan QR codes and barcodes.

Zebra TC26 scanner:The Zebra TC26 is a dedicated handheld scanner designed for professional scanning. It is specifically optimized for scanning QR codes and may be able to offer more advanced scanning features than a smartphone’s camera.

Cell phone: Scanning digital passes with a smartphone may take a little more time, especially if the phone’s camera is not of high quality.

Zebra TC26 scanner: Professional scanners such as the Zebra TC26 can generally scan faster and more accurately. These scanners are optimized for such tasks, which can be particularly useful in situations where speed is of the essence, such as access control at events.

Cell phone: If you already have a smartphone, there is no additional cost to scan digital passes. All you need is our scanning app.

Zebra TC26 scanner: Using handheld scanners such as the Zebra TC26 can be quite pricey. But is generally much faster!

Within the web portal, you can assign the “number of people” to a specific pass. For example, suppose you have set that a unique digital pass can be scanned four (4) times, then the will actually allow you to scan the pass four (4) times.

In this case, you get a confirmation message four (4) times that it was successful. However, if you try a fifth (5) attempt, you will receive an error message stating that all available scans for that pass have already been used.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to scan photos with our The is only capable of scanning QR codes generated by you. Of course, the status of a digital pass must be active, otherwise the will indicate that the pass is invalid.